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Thursday, 05 March 2009 21:55

How i609 can help in a recession.
You hear a lot of negative talk right now. You see the Dow yo-yoing eratically. You hear words like “the worst economic downfall since the Great Depression”.

Here’s the good news – recessions are a great time for an entrepreneurial mind. Historically speaking small businesses boom during recessions. Doesn’t it make sense? There’s lots of great talent out on the street – forced to soul search and seek a new direction, while larger industries are failing and leaving openings for newer, more innovative, more affordable options to fill in the gaps. If you are efficient and keep your mind sharp, you can rise while others fall.

Look what happened during the revolution (which really was a dynamic time when many brilliant minds came together to really push ahead a new business paradigm) taking knowledge, business, communication, and distribution to the Web.  Everyone thought their companies needed to be infused with massive capital before even fully analyzing and developing a sound business strategy. Principals thought the aim was to go public – that is how many defined success. When that bubble burst, there were unemployed geniuses with extraordinarily interesting and vast experience.  The overreaching companies fell apart, but the truly progressive business strategies and the new creative thinkers remained.  Out of these minds sprung practical, efficient, and effective small businesses. i609 is one of those – so we understand the entrepreneurial drive, and we understand the survival skills necessary to not only weather a recession, but move ahead brilliantly.

Rick will sit down and meet with you to discuss how he can best serve you during these current remarkable times. A consultation like this is always beneficial to you for both your technology planning, and even more importantly to start thinking in terms of how technology can promote your businesses efficiency. Since Rick sees it this way, a thorough analysis and review of your technology situation would be of no cost to your business. The goal is to make sure we are on the right path together.

  1. Understanding your technology budget. You don’t necessarily need to expand your technology right now. Certainly don’t do it unless you are investing in an aspect of your company that needs new technology to assist in moving forward in that endeavour. So, let’s evaluate closely what your existing system set-up is. If there is any hardware on its last legs, that is actually inefficient enough to cause a decrease in your business productivity, we’ll come up with the most cost effective approach to address this issue. Usually you can maintain the technology you have with little cost, but sometimes you reach the point that you are investing so much money in the maintenance and lost productivity of your staff, that it is more cost effective to replace equipment and software that has seen its better days. We can go over the options and the math and make this decision together.
  2. Are you getting the most out of your internet exposure? How well is your website working for you? Does it really do anything for you? Does it bring in clients? Can your customers even find you on the internet and when they do, are they frustrated by your website? Or are you lucky enough that it actually does lure them in?  Maybe now is not the time to invest in the website direction, or maybe an update to your website is just the shot in the arm your business needs. Do you even know all the ways your website can be more cost effective? One way is to leverage today’s technology that allows you to do much of the maintenance yourself. It’s important for a website to give the impression that your company is on the ball with a very professional and current website that is continually communicative and interactive.  A site that is frequently updated invites clients to visit it more often and makes you business appear active and alluring. And, obviously, the cost is much lower when you don’t require the web technician to update the website for every little addition or edit to the content.
  3. What’s the best deal for your business -- in-house technology personnel or out-sourced full-service tech professionals?  A recession is a good time for spring cleaning -- it’s a good time for small businesses to cut back on excessive spending and waste. You want to decide which expenses are a true investment in your business and will enable real quantifiable growth, and which items are just unnecessary expenses that you probably should have put in check long before now. You may have a tech person on staff or you may have a whole tech department. Do you really need this? Some people might tell you outsourcing is a luxury that can be brought in-house to save you some bucks. In the case of technology, this is simply not the case. Look at it this way – when you have an onsite tech person or tech staff, you need to pay a full-time salary, insurance, SS tax, and what is it you get? The truth is technology is not exactly a consistent job – some aspects are ongoing (like monitoring or backing up systems for instance) – but the reality is that there are large spans of downtime, while at other times there is tremendous need for large projects to be executed, and sometimes even emergencies that require the hands of a whole team of engineers. With i609, you only pay for the exact number of hours utilized to complete a required operation – exactly – nothing more, nothing less (you won’t be paying for anyone to peruse Ebay or update his/her Facebook, as you might with a salaried nine-to-fiver).  Yet, the i609 staff is on call always, and the response time is often quicker than you’d get from someone on staff in your own office.  With i609 your systems are monitored 24x7, so we usually know when you are having an issue before you do.
    Not to mention the talents of the i609 engineers are incredibly diverse, from production and web technology, to full network administration; to database management, ERP systems, and specialized vertical applications; to security and antivirus and data recovery and remote team workplace technologies; on PCs, Macs, and UNIX platforms.  We also have a vast knowledge of the intricacies of a variety of industries - architecture, media and advertising, retail, importing, ecommerce, manufacturing, finance, commodities trading...specifically, how technology best serves the business processes of each of these. Rick can sit down with you and run the numbers – with his years of experience he can give a very good estimate of what your tech budget should be based upon number of employees, type of industry, and most importantly your specific needs and priorities for your short term and long term future. When he runs the figures with you, you might be very surprised to see how much less it can cost your company and how much more you can get for your dollar when you use a truly effective tech service company vs. an onsite employee or tech department.

It can’t hurt you to sit down with Rick and look into all the possibilities for your business – how you can make your technology really serve you, how you can cut the waste, how you can really give your business a jolt by increasing its efficiency and effectiveness. Whether you’re an existing client who thinks it’s a great time to dig in and really explore your business options, or you are a potential client who wants to investigate creative ways to utilize technology, we can analyze your current tech situation vs. a more cost effective approach. Now’s the time for fall cleaning. I609 can really help you get there. Pick up the phone and schedule a consultation meeting with Rick – it serves both of you well to have this thorough communication, and there is no cost for Rick’s evaluations and recommendations.  

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