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Monday, 18 August 2008 23:25

Rick Cecil

Senior Engineer, Partner

We don’t know if a diverse background paints the picture of a modern day Renaissance man or shows signs of adult ADD, but Rick Cecil is a man with a diverse background, and since he demonstrates focus of steel, it’s pretty safe to say his myriad of experience is only a very positive (ok, maybe a bit quirky) thing. 

He started off his adult life as an aspiring artist and fearless bike messenger, earning his BFA from Pratt Institute.  But alas, the luxurious excesses of the eighties which brought us an onslaught of SoHo “art stars” and black lacquer and glass decorated lofts had come to a crashing halt -- replaced by the recession of the early 90’s with the GenXers living in their parents basements.  Rick took the economic down-turn as an opportunity to invest in real estate; subsequently becoming a self-made carpenter, plumber, electrician and landlord.  He also spent three years as Assistant Manager of the Metropolitan Opera Club where he became a connoisseur in fine wines.  During his time there he became obsessed with technology and bicycle racing – and learned how to build from top to bottom a titanium-framed bike with Campagnolo components as well as a network of 50-100 computers.  He gained one client after another as his solid IT reputation became known by word-of-mouth recommendations.  The dream of opening his own little bike shop was out the window, as his technology knowledge and experience exploded and his career took off in this direction. 

An exciting opportunity came his way as the dotcom revolution flooded NYC.  Rick came in as the Network Manager at one of the first health and beauty internet retailers,  and grew into the position of CIO and subsequently the position of last man standing when the bubble burst.   But this was a true revolution, and the technology world changed exponentially.  The bright minds that were fortunate enough to cut their tech teeth during such an exciting time were truly fortunate.  It was no longer a bricks and mortar world.

Very few of the original web-based companies survived the bubble burst, but the concepts that came out of these studies were invaluable.  Rick has since been sharing the knowledge of how to make technology help small and medium sized businesses  flourish.  From a two-desk architectural firm getting a fully functional and redundant backup system for their critical design archives; to a multi-site manufacturing firm getting a dispersed network allowing all their employees across the country to have access to the same set of files and databases; to an ecommerce startup getting a completely customized site, both in terms of design and in terms of creative approaches to required functionality - Rick has and continues to come up with the creative, elegant solutions your business needs.

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