Support Guidelines and Philosophy

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Monday, 18 August 2008 22:07

For a small to midsized company, having a CIO to develop a fully realized technology strategy is not often an option.  That’s where i609 Technology Solutions comes in.  We have decades of experience merging technological expertise with business concepts.  We can help you develop your budgets to incorporate technology effectively, we’ll analyze your security infrastructure, and we’ll help you find the right applications and hardware to maximize the productivity of your staff.  You’ll get all the benefits of the a customized, individualized, professional approach to your tech needs that a corporation has in an onsite CIO, but scaled appropriately for your company’s budget and size.
Two of the main aspects to i609's philosophy of supporting a network are these: systems engineers should cause as little disruption as possible to the ability of the client to conduct business; the i609 teams must make every attempt to deal with issues proactively rather than waiting for a problem to develop. We have found that the best way to implement these two points is to focus on remote support via secure remote access to servers and client workstations.  In accordance with a standard retained agreement, client log files are monitored closely and most maintenance such as patch application and hardware servicing is handled for the most part behind the scenes and outside of regular business hours.  For maintaining systems i609 engineers continually and primarily remain offsite using downtime that coincides with a period of latency for the client’s systems (such as lunch breaks, meetings, or night hours).  However, on-site visits are scheduled regularly for technology strategy meetings, onsite servicing, help desk support, and client employee training as required.  We customize these methods tailored to a client’s needs based on recommendations by evaluations of i609 engineers and based upon the client’s specific requests.  Years of experience has shown that this approach is the most beneficial to our clients.

All actions performed by the i609 engineering staff are tracked via our Ticketrak web application.  Service requests may be entered directly by your staff or entered by our dispatcher or engineers as our monitoring indicates a need for proactive actions.  Activities performed are logged and documented within the module and the data is accessible on the web and through emailed notifications.  Clients are provided with a master login allowing them to view a complete history of any and all tickets on their account.

Each client account is provided a team of 2-4 engineers, along with the senior information engineer – this team will deal with 95% of their needs.  At times other engineers will be brought into a ticket if they have a special skill which lends itself to a task, or to provide additional coverage for vacation time or the like.

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